Movable Type 2.6

MT 2.6 is out, so go grab it. It's got some nifty new features and I've already got one plugin that requires it! Now that the beta is over, maybe I can get back to some regular blogging again.


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Blaine said:

First i like your web form with the changed boxes, neat stuff there.

Maybe with the 2.6 release it is time I finally spend some time and create my own blog. Right now I'm left to going around and typing comments on other people posts, perhaps I'll "break out" now.

You know Brad, I am glad to see Santize is included with 2.6 but must admit I am a little confused as to what I should do to simplify my template code. Do I simply revert to simple versions of the tags i.e. <$MTCommentBody$>
and then paste my accepted code into the option box in the MT Sanitize prefs (p,a href,pre,br,i,b,em,strong,cite,dfn,code,samp,kbd,var,abbr,acronym,ol,ul,li,q,blockquote,del,ins)?

Really, I thought I had looked for the answer in the documentation before I posted my question here, but as I am now directly looking at it, I have no idea how I would have missed it. Time to get the glasses checked I guess.


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