Movable Type 2.6 coming 'soon'

A few notable Version 2.6 features include...

"Expect 2.6 in about 2.5 weeks." I hate it when they do that.


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vincent said:

Brad... where are your MT plugins? I've been looking for them for almost 20 minutes and I can't find them anywhere on the site now. Are they still here?

Sam said:

Woo! I'm a happy happy man. Rather.. I'll be happy when they release it. For now, I'm just pensive and nervous. Of course, once they release it, I'll be happy for an hour, and then pensive and nervous again. Oh yeah! :)

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Where are the plugins? Well, you can click here. Or you can click on the "Movable Type" category link on this post. Or you can go to the 'Archives' section of the site and click on the "Movable Type" link there. I do agree though -- it isn't terribly obvious. Most of the people coming to my site are here for Movable Type stuff so I'll have to make it a little more prominent. I guess I took it out of my main navigation because I want folks to realize there's more to than that... Granted, not a lot more.


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