Matrix Reloaded 'Superbowl' trailer

Not that I actually watched the Superbowl, but if I had, it would a rare occasion: I would use my TiVo to skip through the show to watch the commercials. Kinda sorry I didn't because I missed the TV broadcast of the new Matrix Reloaded trailer. I downloaded it from the official web site instead. Drool.

Maybe someday the Superbowl will be hours of high-quality commercials interspersed with some highlights from the football game.


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Hans said:

Now THAT is a good idea!

photomatt said:

If you watch the Neo/Smith fight scene frame by frame (not that I've done that...) it's really amazing to see how much is happening in so little time. It does look a little like a video game though, but I'm willing to write that off to Quicktime or something. The freeway scene is really cool frame by frame too.


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