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Here's my wish list for Syndirella (as posted on the Syndirella Yahoo! Group. As I have nothing better to do, I thought I'd post it here too. In no particular order:

  • Option for advanced users to assign a custom stylesheet (URL or local file) for content panel. Perhaps even configurable at the feed level -- say, why isn't a stylesheet URL part of the RSS markup for this purpose? This would also give me the ability to hide images on a per-feed basis.
  • Ability to re-order 'feed' list via drag-n-drop; option to view 'feed' list in order of last updated (most recently updated feeds would be shown at the top).
  • Ability to group feeds together (this would require an outline view/treeview component or something). ie: "Blogs", "News", "Gaming" groups...
  • Publish/subscribe feed list to a site. Here's my usability issue with Syndirella: I use on one machine at home and another at work. But I am the same person reading and the newsfeeds are the same too. The first thing I have to do when I go to the other machine is to 'ctrl-m' through my feeds to clear them. Ideally, when I shutdown Syndirella at the office, it would be nice if it could post to a server of my choice my list of feeds and the read/unread status. FTP access at a minimum. WebDAV would be nice too.
  • A 'Mark ALL feeds as read' option.
  • Grab the 'favicon.ico' from sites for display in the 'Feed' list and address bar. When updating, change the icon to an animated 'update' icon instead of adding '(updating)' to the feed name.
  • Discovery for multiple feeds for a site (like mine).
  • Feed-level option to ignore updated RSS items (the ones that are currently highlighted in blue).
  • Minimize to tray with the 'Escape' key. User-configurable hot-key for restoring from tray (mine would be Ctrl+Alt+S).
  • Option to start up with Windows (yes, I know I can put it in my 'Startup' group, but it should still be a program option).
  • Option to start up minimized to tray.
  • When the 'Feed' column has focus, using the arrow keys to navigate should preserve focus to the 'Feed' column.
  • Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down navigates to previous/next item; Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right navigates to previous/next feed? I'm all for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Local search through feeds. Option to restrict search to a single feed or to search all feeds. Option to restict search by date.
  • Option to filter feed display by date (only show items posted in the last 1, 2, 3, etc. days/weeks). When filtering, empty feeds shouldn't be listed in the 'Feed' column.
  • Regex support in web scraping. PLEASE!
  • Separate project files for SharpDevelop (I'm looking at this but if someone else has done it, please share!).
  • Integration with Perhaps even premium I understand they have one of those newfangled XML-RPC things that might make this easy.
  • Pie in the sky: 'blog this' option that will let you post the active item to your blog tool of choice (this would require Blogger API/MetaWeblog API integration). But failing that, some blog tools have a feature that adds this option to the IE context menu, that works too (Blogger and Movable Type do anyway).

Dmitry responds within the Yahoo! Groups thread...


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Mattias said:

You know you can find your feeds syndirella stuff in the
\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Application Data\Syndirella.dat

After I messed the yahoo group about it the man answered himself.


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