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Mark Pilgrim throws a fit over the apparent loss of the cite tag in the latest W3C XHTML 2 working draft. Tantek to the rescue. One of the W3C members responds to confirm that the omission was simply a mistake and will be fixed in the next draft.

I think Mark has real passion for these things and it is certainly showing through his colorful metaphors. However, I think a bit of restraint could have been used here, considering the status of the aforementioned document (from the 'Status' section of the XHTML 2 Working Draft):

This document is the second public Working Draft of this specification. It should in no way be considered stable, and should not be referenced for any purposes whatsoever.


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nick said:

"...should not be referenced for any purposes whatsoever."

you're gonna get yourself in trouble then. that snippet made me laugh a lot, but probably because i'm tipsy.


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