Happy New Year

2003 is almost upon us. I hope a great year lies ahead for you. 2002 has been a good year for me. A new baby boy, a new van, still employed... so much to be thankful for.

I happened to find an early version of my home page in the Way Back machine. You can browse it from here: Brad and Georgia Choate's Home Page (complete with the ridiculous "Best experienced with Internet Explorer" button. Oh how very naive I was back then.). I don't recall exactly when I began doing HTML, but based on the material dated there, it was early in 1995 if not late 1994. I've had a home page in some form or fashion ever since then. My "What's New" page (today we would call it a blog) even has a link for my New Year's resolutions for 1996.

My "Brad-CAM" back then was just a little inside joke. It never refreshed (actually, the one I have today doesn't either now that I think about it...). But then I didn't even have a webcam, I just posted a static picture and put a refresh tag on the page to make it look like it might be a live feed.

The links page is pretty interesting. There you'll find an old link for IMDB.com: http://www.msstate.edu/Movies/. And it's fun to see which links still work and which don't (you'll have to type them in to see if they work today -- the web archive modifies the actual links so they point back to the archive... kinda cool when they pull something up. It's like browsing back through time.). Hey -- Zark.com is still going strong. Mmm... memories.


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