Netflix One-Day Service

I missed this Netflix press release about them opening new distribution centers in Connecticut and Texas. This is great news for me since I'm a Netflix subscriber and I live in Connecticut. :) Previously, it took anywhere from three to five days to receive a movie by mail. Now it will only take one or two days. I can live with that. This basicly doubles the potential savings I get from using Netflix (assuming Georgia and I watch movies non-stop). Which means we could have 1 movie per night every day of the month for the $20 monthly fee. Compare that to $4 per DVD from Blockbuster. Blockbuster now offers their own subscription program, but the one in our area is a franchise store and isn't participating in that corporate program. Besides, their selection isn't near as good as what you get from Netflix (12,500 titles), and you have to shuttle discs to and from their place which would get old.


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mike said:

Isn't it crazy? I live in Stamford (which is where their new warehouse is) and I get things in one day.


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