The Road to OS X

Stuff done:

  • Roll up sleeves, all Peter Norton-like
  • Check for/install any necessary firmware updates
  • Update from OS 9.0.4 to OS 9.1
  • Update from OS 9.1 to OS 9.2.1
  • Update from OS 9.2.1 to OS 9.2.2
  • Install secondary 40 GB drive in preparation to dedicate existing 6 GB drive as the OS drive (OS X needs 3 GB)
  • Purchased and installed OS X 10.2
  • Mop drool off keyboard, desk and floor

Stuff I might need to do:

  • Upgrade video card to something with at least 32 MB RAM (current card is an ATI Rage 128 with 16 MB RAM)
  • Expand RAM to 512 MB (currently at 256 MB) depending on how OS X performs

Update: Bought my OS X 10.2 today. The entire install was done in under 30 minutes. I'm still adjusting to the OS though -- they're not supposed to be so pretty and cool right out of the box. Seems to run acceptably well with the 256 MB of RAM I already have. Video performance seems fine too (even with all the effects active).


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I don't know what you ultimately hope to do with your Macintosh, but you might want to consider just skipping OS 9 altogether. If you don't own or wish to own anything that's still only available for the older OS, then just go all OS X. I am not aware of anything that makes that route impossible or even unattractive. If I could just come up with the necessary funds to get my Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) products in OS X, I would dump OS 9 myself.

Adam Rice said:

I did dump OS 9. I kept it around until I did a ground-up reinstall for 10.2--at that point, I realized "I never use it" so I didn't reinstall it. I've got a small partition set aside, just in case.

Quinn said:

Hi Brad,
Glad you've moved over to OSX - just being able to run MT locally is reason enough. A couple of points:

1. get the new video card, one that allows you to use Quartz Extreme (Silly name, amazing results). Pick up a cheapy nVidea if you have to.

2. RAM. I have a GB. 512 is minimum if you do any Photoshop work. With over 500 MB you'll never see PS do pageouts (via "top" in Terminal). RAM is cheap.

3. OS9.. enh.. Keep it around. Not to run as "Classic", but it's easier than searching for install CDs if something goes wonky. And don't think of it as having two OSes; remember, all Windows users can drop to the Command line (DOS for all intents and purposes.) Make a .dmg of your OS9 system Folder and keep in on your disk. Mount as needed.

I never boot into OS9, but still.. the disk space is minimal. You never know.

OSX is pretty sweet!


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