New Netscape to block pop-ups, sorta

New Netscape punctures pop-up ads - Tech News -

Prediction: I guarantee AOL will get sued for this. And get this -- the new Netscape will only be blocking "third-party" pop-up ads. There are 15 sites that are pre-set to be excluded from the ad-blocker, seven of which are AOL Time Warner properties. Now seriously, why would anyone want to run Netscape over Mozilla?


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john said:

Do you have a link to a page that explains the Netscape, Mozilla, Phoenix code paths? I'm confused. I've been playing with Phoenix and like it - is that where things converge??

Brad Choate said:

No, but I can describe them like this: Mozilla is the full-featured product of the project. The Netscape browser is a commercial branding of the Mozilla browser, with custom buttons that take you to the Netscape portal, use the Netscape search engine and so forth. Phoenix is like Mozilla Lite. It has the core features of the Mozilla browser and a few extra features it doesn't have. I personally prefer Phoenix, even over Internet Explorer.

john said:

Thanks for taking the time to write it up - makes perfect sense! I'm installing Phoenix on all my machines now, will try to use it full-time and see how it goes.

webspiffy said:

That doesn't surprise me at all. Typical AOL right there. My only question is, what are the other 8 pop-up sites, Brad? Tell me it isn't


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