Good to be home

Well we had a great trip. Even the two days of driving (both ways) was fun in it's own way (I like to drive). It put around 3,200 miles on our van altogether (including the 8 hour sidetrip drive we made to visit Georgia's family -- another reason we took our own wheels).

In our preparations for leaving, one thing I neglected to do was get a haircut. I left the office too late that Friday and couldn't make the appointment. So I decided to find a place and get it done while on vacation. Well, I wound up getting one at a salon in a Wal-Mart Super Center. Now, I don't know if it's my fault or theirs, but I asked for a haircut using the size 3 clippers (this is what I always ask for and has served me pretty well). When she got done and asked me how I liked it, I said "Oh, it looks fine!" (which is what I always say, regardless of how it actually looks). Either she thought I said "point 3" or Wal-Mart was having a sale and gave me twice the haircut I was paying for. Needless to say, it's pretty short. Not quite shaven, but let's just say it's a haircut my grandfather would be proud of.

With all the snow that hit the northeast last week, we thankfully missed out. The road conditions were great on the drive back. The only road that gave us trouble was the stretch from our street to our garage. The driveway had a good 4-6 inches all over it. Our van had no hope, so we left it parked until I could shovel it off the next day (I realize I say this every year, but we should really buy a snowblower).

I made it through Thanksgiving this year pretty well -- only put on a couple of pounds, which I hope to lose before my next cholesterol checkup. Being 30 sucks in that regard. Having to worry about your health is no fun. For those of you like me who sit in a chair all day -- try to excercise something 2-3 times a week. I'm still trying to warm up to the idea of using a stationary bike. For a guy that likes to mountain bike, those are two words that don't belong together. But for the winter months, I need to do something with myself. Between the bike and the snow shoveling, I should be covered.

And speaking of sitting in a chair, now we just need to get through all these shows TiVo recorded for us... 2 episodes of 24 which we were determined to watch (and did on Monday) before Tuesday's show; one episode of Enterprise; 1 of E.R.; 2 of The Practice; 2 of Firefly; 1 of John Doe; and a few other 30-minute shows (Everybody Loves Raymond, Futurama, The Simpsons, etc.). TiVo works a little too well.


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john said:

I am so close to springing for a TiVo. Just not sure I'm ready to spring that much - we already have premium cable with over a hundred channels so there is always something on to watch. I can see how the fast-forwarding through commercials would be cool though, if that worked as advertised.


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