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Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - Game Development à la Mod: "We've actually sold more of the overall Half-Life family of products each year since we shipped back in 1998, which is very unusual in a market typified by three-month shelf lives," Newell says. Half-Life was a great game, but what has kept it going is the community that sprung up around the mods (add-ons) that are out there. I'm still waiting for Team Fortress II. Will that ever see the light of day?


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Adam Wendt said:

TF2!! Oh my, I'm with you there, I used to reload the website on sierra.com every 5 minutes to see if there was any updated news on it. I wasted so much time playing TFC heheh

Ben said:

TF2 is running neck and neck with Half-Life 2,and both of them are slightly behind Duke Nukem (will take) Forever (to be released) in production.

By the time any of these games get out the door, our grandchildren will eagerly anticipate their release on the Playstation 7. =)


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