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I nearly fell out of my chair this morning when I found that's navigational menus now work in Mozilla! They appear to have dropped the ActiveX control they had been using (which naturally only worked in Internet Explorer) and have gone for a cross-browser compatible, DHTML solution. It seems to look and feel just like the ActiveX menu system. I wonder what caused them to do this? Is Netscape/Mozilla/Opera making a significant dent in IE's marketshare?


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Jesper said:

Nearly fell out of your chair? Heh, easily shocked I see. :)

Seriously though, even if it's run by Microsoft partly, it's still a news site that gets visitors from all browsers, Microsoft sit among the web standards guys in w3c and ActiveX is getting old. Taking all of this in consideration, it weighs up the Microsoft - IE issue.

Tom said:

Thanks for bringin this up. Very cool and I am definitel shocke as well. I would still be using IE if they had tabbed browsing but I can't do without it.


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