Movable Type 2.5

Movable Type version 2.5 has been released! And happy birthday to the little guy. One year old already? Changes are listed here. For a "dot-something" update, there sure is a lot going on-- 85 changes recorded in all (7 of which are credited to me! *blush*). Congratulations and many thanks to Ben and Mena for all their hard work.

So what are you still reading this for??? Go grab your copy-- it's still free for personal and non-commercial use.


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mini-d said:

Brad, I´ve got many errors using MTmacros and Sanitize plug-ins on the new MT 2.5.

For the first the application doesn´t upgrade.

It Throw many errors... i have got hope you´re working on it :D

Brad Choate said:

To anyone that is having problems with my plugins on MT 2.5-- please download the latest version of the plugin. I've updated the ones that relied on the '' file-- a file which is no longer needed with the MT 2.5 release. If you have upgraded and are still having problems, please let me know.


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