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Trillian Pro 1.0 has been released. It's a commercial version of Trillian, 'the little instant message app that could'. The 'pro' version is $25 a year and in my opinion, well worth it. There is still a free version-- version 0.74 has also been released.

The 'pro' version adds a number of bells and whistles. It now has a plugin architecture-- Cerulean has a few they released like a POP3 plugin for checking your e-mail account(s), a RSS plugin for grabbing 0.9x RSS newsfeeds. It even supports the Yahoo webcam features!


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Torleif said:

I came to your site when searching on trillian pro pop3.
I have installed the pop3 plugin on my trillian pro, and added an account. When I press Check mail nothing happens!
Can you help me??

Torleif Askedal

oxpo said:

Torleif! Go to log in to the members page (I asume you have a login for that, since you have Pro) and ask the question there.


If you Norton AV on your system it will prevent the pop3 plugin from checking your email. The only way to have it working that I know of is to disable Norton AV from scanning incoming email. Supossedly the new version of the pop plugin should resolve this issue.

Arjan said:

I know that the latest Norton antivirus 2003 doesn't cause this problem anymore.


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