Well, Winamp3 is out and is growing on me. Some of the beta releases were a little wonky, but 1.0 seems quite solid. Some of the skins already released for it are very cool. No longer is Winamp constrained to a dull boxy shape. Winamp3 skins can have a life of their own. I'm using Zygote right now. "Winamp3 is more than an excuse to have 'mp3' built right into our product name." True.


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jon said:

is winamp3 slower (than winamp2) for you when initially loading up? that's my only complaint so far.

Brad Choate said:

Yes, it's a little slower to start up, but that's almost always the case with new releases of software. Features get added which adds to the code your computer has to load to run... It's a minor annoyance and one I can live with. I usually fire up Winamp once a day. You can also use the little systray 'Winamp Agent' utility-- I think that cuts down on the load time too.

heide said:

i cannot get winamp 2 skins to work on the winamp3 what can i do about this?

Brad Choate said:

Uh-- try posting your question at the Winamp forums instead of here? :) Incidentally, I haven't had a problem using the Winamp 2 skins myself. You'll have to copy them into the Winamp3 skins folder. Once you do that, you should be able to switch to them.

Ian said:

For people ona low-spec machine - Winamp3 can take up almost twice as much memory as Winamp2 (without any fancy skins), and it also uses more processor resources (on my PII-266 around 3-4% vs. 0.5-1% winamp2). They have done a good job on it otherwise...

Barry said:

Being a keyboard user, Winamp3 has really lowered the bar as far as accessibility. Gone are alot of the keyboard shortcuts. ALT+F which used to bring up the main window is the one that does my head in the most. Bummer, because apart from lack of keyboard stuff it looks pretty good.


Barry said:

Oopsy, I meant ALT+F used to bring up the main menu.


Free-Man said:

there is a bug in that winamp3 i know it's a beta v. so when you need to add some songs to the playlist after you were for ten minutes searching for your favorite songs an error will be so this error will close the winamp3 and you'll have to try all the things you did for the playlist.


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