Amazon's Gold Box

The "Gold Box" thing is a gimmick. Sure-- you might eventually find a bargain you want in there, but 90% of the time (at least for me), what I find doesn't interest me at all. could be putting things in there that are more in line with my preferences-- they probably know more about my likes and dislikes than most of my friends-- but I don't think they care. The point of the gold box is NOT to sell you things. The point is to get you to visit daily. And wouldn't you know it-- I do now.


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MichaelD said:

The first couple of times I looked in the Gold Box at Amazon - since then I pretty much ignore it. As you mentioned - it appears to be just a way to dump excess inventory but there is no connection to your preferences or anything you have purchased previously. As much time and money as Amazon has spent on customer tracking, you would think they could turn that on and make better use of the gimmick.


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