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Hello World! I'm posting via IM! I've put up my own IM drone on my server which talks to my Movable Type XMLRPC interface. It's pretty easy to do. Hop over to the Bloggerbot site for the Perl source code. (title and category have to be added separately for now... gotta fix that somehow)


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michel v said:

hi Brad,
I tried modifying Bloggerbot to allow an user to set their XMLRPC server, and I failed pitifully because I just can't do Perl to save my life.
If you're going to modify Bloggerbot, may I ask if you could add this feature too ? ;)
If you aren't going to take this Bloggerbot experiment any further, I guess I'll just write a Jabber bot using the PHP Jabber class I've found the other day. :)

larcher said:

I just got this (set your own server) working on my modified version of bloggerbot. If you want to try it, the bot's on AIM as botspoon and on ICQ as 11344079. Or if you don't mind waiting a bit longer, I'll post the code pretty soon. (The bot that's up now has lots of other functions added that aren't ready for release yet ... :)

Where's the code? Did you ever post it? Let me know!


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