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It's been fun to watch Mark Pilgrim enjoying the time saving benefits of the plugins I've written lately. It's even popped up on the Daypop 40 (in spite of the title including the phrase "regular expressions" no less)! Daring Fireball was inspired to take the smart-quote thing a step further. Fully documented in their post Movable Type Smart Quote Devilry. Educate your quotes.


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Scott said:

I encountered a problem while using Daring Fireball’s educate_quote PerlScript: if I had any text smilies created with a right paren: “)”, the eval on line 76 ($sub = eval $code;) of would return a syntax error. After I hacked up line 78 to print the contents of $code, I determined that eval was confused by the right paren. It did not have a problem if there was a balancing left paren preceding the right paren.

Eduardo said:

Scott, Daring Fireball recently uploaded a new version of Educate Quotes that corrects the problem you mention. Check it out:


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