Radio vs. Movable Type

Radio Free Blogistan compares/constrasts between Radio and Movable Type. Dave Winer takes note and doesn't look too happy. He even mentions my macro plugin in passing:

On more thing, while macros are a relatively recent innovation in MT-Land, they're built in to Radio. Radio is the result of constant development in weblog software since 1996.

Movable Type itself is a recent innovation-- it's been out for almost a year now. Radio is the result of 6 years of development? Hmmm...


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xian said:

Thanks for the mention. I guess putting these things as X vs. Y implies competition but I'm really just trying to (figure out and) bring out the differences for anyone trying to decide on one tool or the other.

Next question: Is it one of your macros that makes that cool Backlinks thing at the bottom of this page?

iggy said:

Thanks for the invention, Brad. I will now proceed to wasting, er, spending hours and hours happily futzing! And this gives me a chance to do a test TrackBack.


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