Touch of Hope

I'm happy to announce that the Touch of Hope web site is now live! It's the first product of the Art for Hope Foundation, a foundation that exists today because of Thomas Pacheco.

Read on for more about this site.

You may already know about Thomas if you've been following my site. Thomas is an amazing little kid. You can read my original post about his story. Thomas's Dad (Ron Pacheco-- also a former teacher from college) and I put together Thomas's original site together back in March. The results of that effort have been overwhelming.

The emotional (and to an important, but lesser extent, financial) support the Pacheco family has received from it has been tremendous. Being able to share their day-by-day news (blogging!) and receive feedback and encouragement from friends and family-- sometimes even complete strangers-- through their guestbook has been very uplifting for the whole family.

Ron's vision for the Art for Hope Foundation was forming even before Thomas's site was open to the public. The goal is to reuse the technology we had built for Thomas so that other families could benefit from it too. Well, the first outcome of that dream is the Touch of Hope web site. Touch of Hope allows families of children with a serious or terminal illness to share their stories online. It's a free service-- if you or someone you know could benefit from such a service, please forward them to so they can learn more about it.

At the moment, Thomas is the only one hosted there now. A second account will be hosted soon, and eventually more will follow. Please drop by from time to time and touch a life.


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T. R. Garner said:

I was given the Touch of Hope website as a source of information regarding Barbie(y) Smith but have been unable to find anything. Barby is the wife of Dwight Smith, campus minister for the college church in Searcy, AR. Any suggestions? T. R. Garner.


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