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Jesse Ruderman apparently (random.foo) doesn't like hidden meta-data in anchor tags. He's even developed a bookmarklet to dig 'em up and make them visible. He probably uses it on dive into mark too (hat tip to Mark for such nice comments today!).

As a side note, I think Jesse makes a good point-- perhaps there is some title attribute abuse going on. And what does Mark think of title attributes? Thumbs up, but all things in moderation.


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eliot said:

Ever since I read about it on Mark's site, I've enjoyed using title attributes in my anchors.. I love being able to give a bit more information or some humorous comment about the link. Anyway, I haven't gone to read the rant about their negative side yet.. guess I should. :)

De said:

How did you make your (tool tips) title attributes non-standard?


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