MeFi Trackback Abuse!

Metafilter - Comments on 19. I'm sure this hole will be plugged shortly. But it's kinda cool to be able to trackback on the first viewable MeFi post... Knock knock, Matt-- you need to disable trackback for archived entries! :)


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Brad Lauster said:

How's that a hole, or abuse for that matter?

Brad Choate said:

Because the entry is 'closed'. I think the intention of closing the entry is to prevent any further activity-- comments can not be made, so I would think that TrackBacks shouldn't be possible either.

Indeed, Matt said as much in a MetaTalk thread (something I read after I did my TrackBack ping to #19).

Brad Lauster said:

I don't see how it changes the MeFi thread - it just allows the discussion to be continued elsewhere...and I'm all for extending MeFi. Cheers!


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