AOL! 1025 Hours! Free! Yeah, sure.

Why doesn't AOL just say 'try AOL free for 45 days'? Their trial period has been increasing over the years-- 500, 600, 700... 1025 hours (like the one I got last week in a tin can container-- how do they pay for this stuff?). But you're limited to 45 days. So sure, you have 1025 hours, but you'd kill yourself using it in the 1080 hours period (45 days) you're allowed to use them. (By no means should this post be considered a promotion for AOL/Time Warner.)


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EFL said:

Until AOL sells the Atlanta Braves (in my opinion the best team in baseball) I need everyone to keep paying those subscription fees and installing those tin-can trials! The team needs to resign Glavine and Maddux next season...

Mike said:

They do it that way because it sounds better. Saying you get 1025 free hours gives you the impression that you're somehow getting some really awesome deal, when, in fact, you're just getting the same 45 days that other ISP's give you. (Most seem to be either 30 or 60, so AOL really falls in between somewhere)

They're counting on no one being smart enough to think about the fact that it's 45 days, yet again insulting the intelligence of their users.

Shannon said:

I was just wondering how long I have left to use the rest of these hours before I start getting charged a monthly bill. My mother gave me this CD from the mail and I don't know when it was delivered. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me and let me know because I don't even know how much the montly bill is. If someone could also provide me with that information also. My account is sweetshay36.
Thank you,
Shannon Harvey


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