Internet Explorer rendering problem

Here's a curious rendering problem with Internet Explorer. If you're a web designer who's run into this issue and knows a good workaround that preserves the features of 'Case #1', let me know about it!


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*** Dave said:

The red text shows just fine for me in IE6. FYI.

phil said:

I looked at this test page in IE5.0 and 6.0 on a PC AND IE5.0 on a Mac. All of these browsers show the red text in Example #1. Did you fix it after posting this?

Brad Choate said:

As I've already explained to Dave by e-mail, the red text in case #1 will show up initially depending on the width of your browser. Also, if you scroll the area out of view and then back again it will appear.

The browser size thing is weird too-- try sizing your browser horizontally making it narrow and then wide again. It will disappear and reappear depending on the size.

Very strange...

Stella said:

A solution that works well both in explorer X and netscape 7 is to set the width for the conteiner div.


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