Can't leave CT until 2008

I finally won! After three tries to get my Connecticut license, the Connecticut DMV finally caved and issued one to me.

Yes, I realize that I've been living here since January 2000. Yes, I (now) realize that I'm supposed to transfer my license within 1 week of moving to the state. But dealing with the DMV is such a pain.

Did you know that my Social Security card wasn't sufficient ID for them? I had to get my birth certificate of all things. Fortunately, I didn't have to re-test or anything (except for an eye exam which was incredibly simple).

So now I have a spiffy new holographically-imprinted, double-photo, double-signature Connecticut driver's license (see their site for a mini-glimpse of the thing). Expires in 2008. Looks like we won't be moving out of state until then-- I don't want to have to go through that again until I have to...


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