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Ok, now I can't wait for TrackBack to be supported across all the various blogging tools. This entry is going to ping a blog entry at Movable Type's TrackBack blog. It will ping their TrackBack category, making this an entry under that category. And I'm not an author of that blog. My only concern is that this might be abused by blog-savvy spammers.


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mena said:

We have those concerns as well (spam abuse). So, of course, we're open to any suggestions to make this more secure.

One way, perhaps, to limit abuse by from bots is to use the category passphrase feature. Still, this isn't a solution for entries.

We'll just have to see if this is even an issue.

kd said:

i'm just looking for people to ping, as i figure out how very cool this new ping thing is. i shall be pinging you shortly. hope you don't mind.

christina said:

I'm tryign to ping you and failing.


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