The X-Files Finale

The X-Files has come to an end. At least, the original television series has. Now we wait for a movie or two, perhaps an animated series or, say ten years from now, a new series based on the theme. Good TV never dies, it just gets repackaged and resold. Speaking of which, season 5 is now available on DVD.

I was a bit disappointed with the finale, but I expected to be disappointed. I'd hate to be in Chris Carter's shoes-- how do you write an ending for a show like The X-Files? Nothing would do it justice or make everyone happy. It was a noble effort, but turned out to be (largely) a clip show. For the cultlike following this show has enjoyed, that was the wrong way to go-- we KNOW all that stuff-- there isn't any reason to rehash it. So what if some people are lost from all the past-show references-- the finale show is for the fans, not someone searching the dial for something (anything) interesting. In the end it turned out to be a show that wasn't terribly interesting to anyone. C'est la vie.


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