Episode II

Yoda shows his colors

I was pleasantly surprised with Episode II. Some friends and I went to see it last night at a 12:15 AM showing. While it was not Jar-Jar-less, it had less of Jar-Jar, so that was an improvement right there. The action sequences were fantastic. The Yoda fight scene was very cool but too short (probably because Yoda is all digital in this movie and every on-screen second of him probably costs a fortune just by the look of his hair). The scenes with Anakin and Padmé weren't very convincing and shallow. And there were a lot of annoying holes you have to look past (Why would an assassin try to kill someone using exotic, poisonous creatures instead of a trusty lethal laser beam?). All in all though, it was very entertaining and therefore got the job done. The last half of the movie is definitely better than the first.

The theater was packed-- we even saw some die-harders in full costume. The theater we went to was one of the two DLP (all-digital) screens in Connecticut. Unfortunately, the 12:05 was the all-digital show where the 12:15 was not... oh well, perhaps I'll see it later on a digital screen or maybe just wait for the DVD.

We arrived almost 2 hours before showtime to make sure we got decent seats. It wasn't a dull wait though-- a news van was even there to record the goings-on. And on a side note, a guy in our line was having a 'good-old-time' and got a bit tipsy (being kind here). Thankfully he wasn't allowed into the movie-- by the time we were going in he was being escorted to a police cruiser.


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