Oracle and California

California agrees to cancel Oracle contract - This story just gets better and better:

Cynthia Curry, senior staff counsel at the Department of General Services, said she was pressured to approve the deal last May in a last-minute bid to get the contract signed before Oracle's deadline for reporting its fiscal year profits.


In the last week, an aide to Davis who helped negotiate the Oracle deal resigned after it was reported that he accepted a $25,000 Oracle donation for Davis' re-election campaign shortly after the deal closed.

Not to mention:

Maviglio said the state, which signed the agreement last May, has not begun to use the software.

Simply brilliant. They should've gone with mySQL. Would have saved them a penny or two.

I wonder just how high this goes-- was Ellison involved?


This article was published on May 7, 2002 11:35 AM.

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