Farewell, Delphi Exchange

Waaay back in the spring of 1995 the web was still new and fresh and we were all learning this thing called "HTML". It was also the year that a little-compiler-that-could called "Delphi" was released to the world. As I was trying to get my web legs, I started building a little web called "The Delphi EXchange" (DEX for short). Well, it had some modest success over the couple or three years, and frankly grew out of my control. Hobby became work and I had to put the hobby aside before it overtook me.

I've long wanted to resurrect the site and with today's CMS tools available I probably could have without a whole lot of trouble, but the domain is no longer mine. No, it's not Verisign's fault-- it's mine. A subconscious decision perhaps as I've been aware since October that the domain registration had expired, but did not renew it (I noticed the domain is now being hosted somewhere else today so that's why I'm writing about it now). Partly because it's something else to do where I already have too many balls in the air and partly because I don't use Delphi as part of my job these days.

So the passing of the site is bittersweet-- I'm partly relieved since I don't have the guilt of letting the domain sit idle from year to year, but partly sad because it will never live again.

Oddly enough, an old mirror of the site still exists-- none of the file download links will work, but you can see what I built long, long ago. I learned a lot about web development from building that site-- both how-tos and how-NOT-tos, it was all fun.


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