It's a BOY!

Today Georgia and I learned that the baby she's carrying (a little past mid-term now) is a boy!

We had been debating whether or not to learn the gender before the birth, but we decided to do it this time since we had waited with Savannah. So today we had the ultrasound done and was able to clearly see for ourselves.

Naturally we're very happy-- and would have also been so had it been a girl instead, but perhaps we're a little bit more happy (or grateful may be a better word) since we already have a girl.

We haven't settled on a name yet-- we'll probably wait until the very end to decide on that. Georgia had given me the option of picking the name for a boy if she could choose the name for a girl-- but now that we know it's a boy, I believe I've lost that privilege. Oh well.

For friends and family that haven't heard from us personally yet and are reading this for the first time here, I apologize for not having told you the news personally, but I wanted to post this today to mark the occassion. (Besides-- I gave the news to mom via instant message, so this is perhaps one notch less personal than that.)


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for consistency...
kid Atlanta = new Choate()?


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