Visor blues

Would anyone like to buy a broken Handspring Visor Deluxe?

I think I broke it when it had it's last fall. The thing has been pretty sturdy-- but this one did in the touch-screen capability. So basically, I can see my information and navigate using the push buttons, but I can't use the stylus or any of the silk-screened icons (since the Graffiti area uses the touch-screen as well).

Gives me a good excuse to go shopping though... :) Hmm-- this one or this one or this one?


Joel said:

The exact same thing happened to me. There is nothing that can be done, unfortunately. Luckily, mine was an original Visor. So for $100, I bought a refurbished Visor Deluxe from Handspring and ended up with 4 times the memory!

Good luck!


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