Google and Recursion

kuro5hin has an interesting take on the "Google Boxes" that are starting to show up on web logs. Basically, the idea is this: Google favors sites that are linked to from other sites. Links kind of count as votes in that regard, improving the ranking of the linked site in search results.

Here's a scenario: say a dozen or so weblogs carry a Google Box that shows the top 10 for the search "weblog". Once Google sees all those links, those top 10 sites will be ranked that much higher than they already were. Making it very difficult for site #11 to break into the top 10.

This can be solved in two ways-- 1) Google uses returns links back to that would then redirect to the original site. Might upset some people, claiming that Google is trying to monitor click-throughs, etc. 2) Google provides a way to markup HTML such that specific portions of a web page are excluded from Google's indexing process.

I vote for both. I think the links should be redirects since you can't assume individuals would employ option #2. At the same time, I want #2 as well since I include Slashdot headlines on my site (see left column there) and Google pulls in those headlines with my page and I get people coming to my site for all kinds of things that aren't on my site but are on slashdot instead. Sigh-- I've talked about this already. And still no response from Google about it. Perhaps I'll knock again.


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