Avoiding a pampered chef

Well, the wife is hosting a Pampered Chef party this evening, so I'm working late at the office. I'm also staying a little later because my friend Ron should be here soon-- we're going to have dinner since he's on his way back from an all-day job (fixing routers and networking stuff).

I did have some "real work" to do though. It's always nice to work with no meetings to go to or no phone calls to answer or no one popping into your cube every 3 minutes because-- sure, there's always time for a quick question to be answered. I probably did more work in the 3 hours I've been here after closing than I've done all day today.

Hmmm... I wonder how many new cooking utensils we'll have in 4-6 weeks. This probably wasn't a wise move.


Darlene Dalton said:

I priority mailed a pair of DULL sciccors to you TWO MONTHS ago! They are still under warranty. I had all of the information you needed sent with them. I am quite disturbed and extremely upset that the only thing that I've received is a post card stating that I need to send in the Merchandise! I DID!!!
I will await my new sciccors as promptly as you receive this! The reference number is #7770022

Jennifer said:

Have you received your replacement scissors. If not I would be more than happy to research it for you. And try and figure out what happened to them.


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