ViewSonic ViewPad

Meet the new focus of my geek lust: the ViewSonic ViewPad 1000 Tablet PC.

It's got everything and the kitchen sink: a built-in camera, microphone, stereo speakers, 56Kbps modem, Fast Ethernet port, 802.11b, VGA port, 4XAGP Video, 128 MB RAM (expandable to 512), 800 MHz (Celeron, ok) CPU, Windows 2000, 2 USB ports, PCMCIA slot, built-in CD-ROM, 10 GB hard drive, 10.4" touch-screen display (viewable in portrait or landscape orientations) and a wireless keyboard included in the package. Weighs in at 4 pounds.

The thing costs around $1800 (street price). Not too bad considering what all is in there and how compact it is.


This article was published on March 11, 2002 8:45 PM.

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