Tabletop Fusion

This report(via has me excited at the prospect of cheap energy-- something we could all use. I hope it's not a false alarm.

Reading the article and the process the scientists went through in their discovery is kinda unsettling though: "researchers took advantage of a phenomenon called sonoluminescence .... The phenomenon is not completely understood, but ...... The researchers created a sound wave .... The wave created oscillations ... As the sound wave oscillated, the low-pressure vacuum turned into a high-pressure zone and the bubble collapsed with intense force, creating temperatures as hot as the sun for a few trillionths of a second" (emphasis mine).


Is it just me or was that not scary? I mean-- what if the effect lasted more than a few trillionths of a second? What if they caused a chain reaction that they couldn't control and spun out of control vaporizing the planet? Well?? I guess I wouldn't be blogging about it, but it would tick me off (at least for a trillionth of a second before I turned into a whisp of smoke).



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