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I found this index of Google holiday logos on Daypop and it reminded me of a Scripting News blog entry that I forgot to rant about. So here goes.

Dave says Google should drop the cutesy animals they used in their logo for the 2002 Winter olympics. I say, what is the big deal, Dave? It's not intrusive. Regardless of whether or not Google got paid for the mascot-flavored logo, it wasn't affecting search results.

Even if they were paid for the logo's use, let's not be too critical of Google's commercial endeavors-- especially since they are making every effort (in my view) to preserve the 'Google experience'. The fact is that even today they don't carry graphical banner ads (or even more annoying Flash/DHTML ads) that weigh down their pages, they don't do pop-up ads and they don't allow sponsors to affect their search results.

So let's not be too quick to judge and give Google some breathing room to do what they can to make some profit while providing an excellent service to us all. After all, they've got a pretty good track record at it.

(Besides, I'm partial to cutesy animals.)


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