Hey is that a Caravan in the garage?

2002 Dodge Caravan SE

I added 5 miles to the odometer driving it home, bringing it to 18. (Click image on right to see photos.)

It's so nice to have a new car. Yeah, there's the new smell, but not only that, there aren't any scratches, it drives sooo smoothly, doesn't make any funny noises and the interior is spotless.

For those just tuning in, we've bought our new minivan. It's a 2002 Dodge Caravan SE and will have me bringing my lunch to work for the next 5 years. Oh well, small price to pay considering we were a single-car family for the last couple of years and that's been a difficult trick to pull off.

So now Georgia doesn't have to drive me to work and pick me up (a half-hour both ways) whenever she needs the car. And there will be more space for the baby that's on the way. And now we have something we can take trips in and be comfortable.

We'll have to plan some trips to take in it 5 years from now.


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