Google's new AdWords

Welcome to AdWords. Google has a new pay-per-click advertising program. Get this-- you can advertise on Google for as low as 5 cents per click. So, I took out an ad. It looks like this:

brad choate dot com
Personal blog site
that lives up to it's name.

Now, you may be asking yourself "why?". Well, I budgeted my ad campaign at a dollar a day, so that means I get upwards to 20 new people to see my site per day. For a personal site, that's a lot. And while I'm at it, let me say "Welcome" to you if you're visiting for the first time from that ad, and wondering just what's going on and why you're here. :)

It's easy to setup and it goes into effect immediately. Within a few hours I had almost 300 impressions and 3 click-throughs. A 1% click-through rate is nothing to sneeze at for a site named "". I guess curiosity got the best of them...

Google has figured out that they have a successful product and that they can make some money by letting anyone and everyone participate in the services they offer. Now, if they'd just lower the price of their intranet search appliance so us little guys can afford it.

If you are here because you clicked on my Google ad, why don't you post a comment and tell me why you clicked-through? I'd like to know. Thanks!


Joel said:

I entered "brad choate" in Google, but didn't see your ad.

Brad said:

Well, my first set of keywords didn't actually include "brad choate" since searching on that already shows my site as the first result. I've since altered the keywords so that searching on "brad" or "choate" will display the ad. But another thing to note is that if Google sees you're getting more hits for your ad than what you've budgeted for that day, it will throttle the impressions down so you get clicks throughout the day and not all at once.

So that means that you might search on a keyword tied to my ad and still not see it. But if you were to try it again later, you might then.

Brad Weslake said:

Saw your Google ad after doing an ego search ("brad weslake"). Was curious when I saw it (thought, "why would someone advertise a personal site"). Am now even more curious -- because I still can't see what you possibly stand to gain from advertising your personal site. Are you interesting enough to warrant repeat traffic from people who see your ad at random? Maybe. Not me, though...

Brad Choate said:

I make no guarantees-- I'm interesting to some people. My family, my friends at the very least I hope. But I'm no expert on what's interesting to people. I've reached people near and far with this little site that could-- the reach of the Internet is impressive.

The ad was just an experiment, nothing more. I'll probably let it go for a few more days, but certainly I'm not trying to make any money with it. At the very least, I consider it a small donation to the Google coffers-- a service that I rely on a daily basis.

Well, I searched Google for "blog feedback script" and saw your Adword and thought, "Hey, am I related to that guy?" So I had to check it out. You got any relatives in Southern Illinois? The Anna/Cobden area?

Like your site layout and I'm continuing to check out feedback scripts for my blog...

Brad Choate said:

Illinois? I'll have to ask the parents/grandparents, but no close relations there that I'm aware of. It's still nice to meetcha. Thanks for the comment and compliment. See that folks? It's working! 46 click-throughs and counting...

rob said:

I found your site by typing blog into google in a moment of bordem.

This just cost you 5 cents.


Doug Wiken said:

I found a few interesting things on your site. You get back my 2 cents for your 5 cents, but lets see, if I check here about 3 times....awesome arithmetic.

How do you like MoveableType? I just started a blogsite; but have been curious because of the comment functions, etc.

Good luck with your new van and with the soon to be baby.

I was doing a blog-related search (I don't remember the exact query). I saw the full green bar first, which prompted me to read your ad. I might have read the ad anyway, but the full green bar got my attention, and probably got me to spend more time at your site than I would have otherwise. Is 1% clickthrough enough for a full green bar, or has your clickthrough increased since you said it was 1%?


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