Mouse traps

Just a quick rant to say that I despise it when web sites trap the context menu on their web pages (you know, the little menu you get when you right-click on a web page).'s Foil the mouse article demonstrates how you do it, but it is simply annoying and does not provide any protection to the web page. I guess people think that if they do this it will keep others from copying JavaScript and/or HTML and using it on their own site. It offers no such protection. I could instead use the "View Source" menu option in the browser's menu, or I could disable Javascripting so I could use my mouse buttons or I could do a "Save As" on the page and edit it from there.

Don't be stingy. If you do web development, chances are you learned a lot from looking at the source of other web sites, so give back and don't try to keep your HTML to yourself. The only way to do that effectively is not to publish it on a public network like the Internet. Duh.


Brian Brown said:

Crap and useless website ban it


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