Content will be light for the next few days. We're on vacation for the next week. We left on Friday and I've got a few tips to share about travelling:

  • Get any arranged hotel pricing in writing. When I reserved our hotel room (which we stayed at the night before our departure-- it was right there at the airport and we had to be at the aiport by 5 AM), I was told that there wouldn't be any extra charge for leaving our car in their parking lot during our trip (I specifically asked about that). Well, not according to the check-in desk. I talked them out of the charge though-- fortunately they understand that it's not good customer service to agree to one price and then turn around and tack on more charges later.
  • Believe them when they say to get to the airport 2 hours before departure. We did and it took nearly all of that time to get checked in and through security. I've never seen lines that long at a US airport. I really sympathize with anyone that has to fly on a daily basis as part of their job.
  • If you have to go from one end of terminal C to the A2 terminal at the Dallas Fort Worth airport, you'd better hustle. We missed our flight. Fortunately, there were 3 seats left on a later flight, otherwise we would have had to stay overnight.
  • Air travel with a child is better when they have their own seat. It costs more, but I think we're all happy Savannah no longer has lap-child status. (What's up with that anyway? You have to put a child in a carseat until they're 40 pounds or something like that-- so why is it OK to just hold a 0-2 year-old child in your lap on a plane?)
  • Airport economy hasn't weakened. Airport food is still waaay over-inflated.

I will share this one gem which I happened across in the 'Skymall' in-flight catalog:

Feel free to add your own caption to this photo in the comments for this post.


Lauren said:

"Wow, I wish this thing had a luggage rack..."


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