You're all out of stuff to do? Try your hand at Googlewhacking. Basically the idea is to find a couple of real words that, used together can only be found on one page on the web. Sounds easy?

It's not. I got oooh so close with "serendipitous xerces" (2 hits). (I don't count this one-- granted, it yielded only one hit, but it's because that page is basically a dictionary of words from K-Z.)

If nothing else, this could increase your vocabulary and/or improve your spelling.

It could also lead you to some very strange and seldom-traveled places on the web.

Sadly, once you blog about it, it won't be long before your own blog disqualifies it. Oh well.


Merlin Mann said:

Dunno if I did this right, but I think I'll go for "heraclitean gonorrhea." Do I get extra credit for hitting a 404? ;-)

Gotta tell you; it's a damn sight harder than it looks!


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