AOL files antitrust suit against Microsoft

As reported by the Washington Post, AOL is suing Microsoft for dominating the web browser market.

Now, AOL reportedly has 33 million subscribers. Guess what-- I'll bet most all of them use Internet Explorer. Why? Because it's still installed as the default browser when you install America Online.

I'd love to be in the court room when Microsoft's lawyers ask AOL why they are still using Internet Explorer as their browser of choice for America Online. And in light of that, why they are suing Microsoft in the first place? AOL has done little to nothing with Netscape the browser since they acquired it in 1998.

An analysis done by WebSideStory almost a year ago showed that Netscape's browser share would jump by 20% if AOL simply made Netscape their default browser for America Online. I think AOL should do this first, before asking the courts to fix their problems.


This article was published on January 22, 2002 6:39 PM.

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