Bruce likes Legos. A lot.

I'm just glad Peter Jackson doesn't share Bruce's enthusiasm. Bruce proudly presents The Lord of the Rings, Lego style. (You should still see the movie in theaters-- the Lego edition isn't finished yet and leaves a few story elements out.)

Be sure to check out his other productions: Moby Dick, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Robin Hood. Bruce aspires to be more like Tom.

There's a whole Lego sub-culture on the net. Goodies include: more movie recreations like Star Wars and The Matrix; there's the BrickShelf (with a user gallery of over 80,000 pictures), BrickBay (Lego marketplace), Cool LEGO SotW... the list goes on. There's even a site that shows you how to make a Lego casing for your Palm organizer.

The web is still interesting.


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