RIP, Handspring

Handspring has announced during their quarterly report today that they will be shifting their focus from organizers to communicators (meaning bye-bye Visor, hello Treo).

What attracted me to Handspring in the first place was the Springboard module capability. Granted, I only have 2, but the expansion capability was important since I knew that 8MB of storage wasn't going to be enough. Now the future of the whole Springboard market is in jeopardy since the Treo units don't have a Springboard slot. This has got to feel like a knife in the back for a lot of Handspring partners that have been making these modules, which in turn has brought more sales to Handspring (well, maybe not this one).

This makes my long-overdue move to the Pocket PC (no, not this one), that much easier. The Palm brand of organizers are just so behind in terms of memory, speed, color, screen resolution and application complexity. My dream machine would be a Pocket PC with one of those mini-hard drives like the 1.8" Toshiba 20GB I mentioned in an earlier post.

I'll be leaving a number of cherished applications behind, but maybe I can still run them on a PalmOS emulator for the Pocket PC!


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