Enron paid no taxes '96-'00??

The New York Times reports Enron avoided income taxes from 1996 to 2000 (here's the MSNBC story if you don't have a nytimes.com login). Oh-- it gets better. They qualified (how?) for $382 million in tax refunds!

This is extremely frustrating to me as a tax-payer. If I'm short by a dollar on my tax return, I'll soon know about it and be charged the appropriate penalties and interest until it's paid in full.

I'm certain that once big business pays "their fair share", it will lower the tax burden for the little guy.

I think our tax code has more holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese after a shotgun blast (to borrow a phrase from Dvorak). It's time it was replaced with a flat tax (here's how it would affect business) alternative where there is no wiggle room.


This article was published on January 17, 2002 1:15 PM.

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