Must-have software

Since I'm reinstalling things today, I thought I would share a list of some very cool applications I use at the office and at home:

  • metapad: A great notepad replacement with tons of features, it's only one file (no extraneous DLLs needed) and it's 87.5K. It's so handy, I've bound it to Ctrl+Alt+M. (free!)
  • WinSCP 2: If you do file transfers using secure copy (the FTP for SSH connections), WinSCP is a great buy. (especially because it's free!)
  • PuTTY: For Telnet and SSH. (free!)
  • WinCVS: Must-have CVS client for Windows. (free!)
  • Cygwin: Un*x on Windows. Really. I love having a bash shell instead of cmd.exe. You can even run sshd and X on NT/2000/XP (yes, really). (free!)
  • Google Toolbar: quite a timesaver. Google is always there. (free!)
  • JBuilder 6 Personal: JBuilder makes for a great Java IDE. (free for personal, non-commercial use!)
  • WinZip: THE Windows Zip/Unzip software. Yes, it's shareware, not freeware, but I have yet to pay an upgrade fee since buying it back in 1995. ($29.00)
  • GetRight: The best download manager I've ever used. Works great whether you have a low or high speed connection. For you dial-up folks, it offers a auto-resume feature since you're always losing your connections during those 100 MB downloads. If you have a personal T1 line, it can download a file in segments using several simultaneous connections, basically doubling or tripling the overall download speed. ($25.00 or ad-supported)
  • HomeSite: version 5.0 just came out and it's better than ever. ($99.00).
  • TopStyle: By the original author of HomeSite, TopStyle is a wonderful package for creating CSS files for the web. ($49.95)
  • XEmacs: XEmacs is a powerhouse text editor for pretty much every platform out there. I've switched to it as my preferred code editor since I use it in a variety of environments. Having a consistent editor for all of them is ideal. (free!)
  • Winamp: My favorite MP3 player. (free!)
  • Trillian: My favorite instant message client. (free!)
  • WinMerge: A very good text merge utility. Works great in conjunction with WinCVS! (free!)
  • Apache Web Server: Apache is such a versatile and competent web server... no limits. Can't wait for 2.0. (free!)
  • Jakarta Tomcat: An excellent Java Server for Apache. (free!)
  • WinCtrl: An excellent little tray-icon app that lets you selectively hide/show windows of other applications.
  • ACDSee: The biggest little image viewer around (well, it does more than just view images). ($49.95)

I know I've missed a few-- I'll supplement this list as I find them. While I'm thinking of others, why don't you share some of your favorites?


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