Weblogs.com almost useless

Well, it is. When all I can see is a list of sites, it doesn't give me a lot to go off of. I usually scan for the sites I'm already familiar with and browse them, but what about the other 95%?

What I'd like to see is Weblogs.com accepting an RSS feed URL in addition to a simple site URL. With an RSS feed, Weblogs.com could grab lots of additional metadata, most importantly being the last post itself. And why not? Userland is such a big proponent of RSS-- I'm surprised that this hasn't been done already.

Simply showing the title of the last post along with the site name, url and time of update would make Weblogs.com SOOO much better. Being able to see the blog/entry titles would be much more likely to pique my interest.

It would take a little more processing by Weblogs.com to accomplish this, but I think the advantages would make it worthwhile.

Some Weblogs.com users may or may not want to see that extra information-- user preferences could be enabled to configure how sites are displayed. I like the clean, efficient list view-- perhaps the title of the last post could be shown as the title of the site link-- it would show up as a hint window when you hover over the site link. Something like this:

  1. bradchoate.com

So what do you think Dave? Can we do that?


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