Hey-- I'm famous (ok, maybe not)

Google Search: brad choate

One of the good things about having a last name of "Choate" is that it's pretty unique. So, it's trivially easy to find me and my family online. Searching for "brad choate", "georgia choate" and "savannah choate" on google will lead you to right to their respective pages on this site.

Some would argue that being so visible is actually a bad thing. I can see where they're coming from, but I have nothing to hide and welcome anyone who's searching for me to find what they're looking for. If I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't be running a web site called bradchoate.com, now would I?

BTW, doing searches like this is referred to as 'ego surfing'. If you're name is fairly unique, the results can be interesting and maybe surprising. If your name isn't that unique, try searching with your e-mail address or any aliases you may use. Try it out on Google's web, groups and images search engines!


This article was published on January 12, 2002 12:03 PM.

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