Whole lotta blog

Well, it wasn't anything conscious, like a New Years resolution, but I seem to be blogging more so far this year. I'm not quite up to Dave's pace (nor do I plan to be-- that's a little much, IMHO), but I think something at least once a day is an improvement.

It's healthy too-- I've always wanted to be a better writer and this gets my mental gears turning in the right direction.

"Blogging for the Soul"-- catchy title for a book, eh?

My hope is that you'll find something of interest here. Maybe not every day, but every now and then. I do or I wouldn't be posting it in the first place. My second hope is that it will inspire my friends and family to do likewise-- I want to read their blogs. So set one up and let me know about it with a comment to this or an e-mail. It's a very rewarding thing.


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